I was introduced to Cody through my karate studio probably 8 years ago. I had a drawing that my daughter, 16 at the time, had drawn for me and I didn’t want to take it to just anyone. Cody’s work on my instructors was gorgeous and so I went to see him. 
 He definitely did not disappoint me.  Cody was very gracious in allowing my daughter to give input on where she wanted certain colors and this made her feel over the moon excited. He did a beautiful job and turned her drawing into one of my favorite tattoos I have.  Ever since that day, if I get a tattoo I always try to book with Cody. I would say he has done the majority of my tattoos. His work and attention to detail is superb.  When each of my daughter’s turned 18 and wanted a tattoo, my only stipulation was that they would go to Cody. I just wanted them to get a tattoo from someone I knew I could trust.  The other reason I prefer to go to Cody is that it doesn’t feel like you are going to a tattoo artist that would rather be somewhere else, doing anything else. It feels like you are going to hang out with a friend and you just happen to walk away a lot cooler than when you walked in!  Anytime someone asks me where to go for a tattoo… I send them to Cody. Can’t recommend him enough!
Danetta D