Love my ink!

I love my ink!  I have 22 plus tattoos and I started going to Cody when he was 26 and in Dahlonega and here it is 2021 10 years later and I'm still seeing him. He's not only good, he's fast and he's the tattoo artist that I just tell him what I want or an idea and he draws it on me free hand. He has even done two cover-ups that I got when I was much younger. I get compliments daily on my tattoos.  He is so talented and creative and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I'm very proud of him and can't wait to see what else he does from murals, tattoos, to paintings. Can't wait to get my next one. Proud of you Cody!

Angela C

Amazing work and so professional!

Cody is an amazing artist and is very easy to work with. He can turn your idea into an amazing tattoo and will take his time to make sure it's exactly what you want.  I have let Cody tattoo my entire body and have even let him sign his name on me just like you do a piece of art. I have sent numerous referrals to him and will never be tattooed by anyone else but him. Thanks for all your great work Cody, you sexy man, you.

Chris F

Outstanding Work

The tattoo work Cody has done on my son is perfect.  Every tattoo he has done is outstanding!

Brenda V

True artist

My first tattoo experience with Cody was roughly 10 years ago.  I sent him an idea of what I wanted and he took the design and created something much better!  I was blown away with how quickly he operated for such a large design, plus he is a cool dude to talk to. 10 years later I have four more tattoos all designed and inked by Cody.  He is a true artist, professional, and great person who I highly recommend! 

Kyle K

Can't recommend Cody enough!

I was introduced to Cody through my karate studio probably 8 years ago. I had a drawing that my daughter, 16 at the time, had drawn for me and I didn’t want to take it to just anyone. Cody’s work on my instructors was gorgeous and so I went to see him. 
 He definitely did not disappoint me.  Cody was very gracious in allowing my daughter to give input on where she wanted certain colors and this made her feel over the moon excited. He did a beautiful job and turned her drawing into one of my favorite tattoos I have.  Ever since that day, if I get a tattoo I always try to book with Cody. I would say he has done the majority of my tattoos. His work and attention to detail is superb.  When each of my daughter’s turned 18 and wanted a tattoo, my only stipulation was that they would go to Cody. I just wanted them to get a tattoo from someone I knew I could trust.  The other reason I prefer to go to Cody is that it doesn’t feel like you are going to a tattoo artist that would rather be somewhere else, doing anything else. It feels like you are going to hang out with a friend and you just happen to walk away a lot cooler than when you walked in!  Anytime someone asks me where to go for a tattoo… I send them to Cody. Can’t recommend him enough!
Danetta D

Master of Cover-ups

I had debated for years about covering an old tattoo. Once I saw some of Cody’s work I knew exactly who I would have do it.  I scheduled my appointment with him, which was months out due to high demand; normally waiting isn’t my thing, but I knew it would be worth it.  I had several images/ideas with a variety of color schemes to show him what I was looking for. I trusted that he would be able to produce something perfect just for me, and he did!  

Brandi B

The best in GA!

I have very fond memories of my dad.  He has passed away, but he was very special to me.  I have always wanted a tattoo in memory of my dad, but I never trusted anyone to do it until I met Cody.  I sat and talked to Cody about my dad, and described a picture I have had in my mind about what I wanted my tattoo to look like.  I was sooo impressed with what he drew up that it made me speechless.  It was exactly what was in my mind.  Cody is by far the best tattoo artist in GA!

Edna D

Works quickly and my tattoo healed quickly!

I have gotten four tattoos from Cody so far.  Each time, he helps me explore and finalize my idea, and is so patient with me during the process.  He is very clean, works fast, and I am always so impressed with how beautiful his work is!  My tattoos heal quickly and the colors are vibrant and the lines are clean.  I use their Seven tattoo healing balm, and love it.  I'm looking forward to my next tattoo with Cody soon!

Brandy K